Libraries are still amazing

Despite what people may think and despite how times have changed, there is still nothing in the world quite like the experience of visiting a big public library. Libraries are filled with so much more than just books, they are filled with history, culture and information. A wealth of knowledge and literature can be found in the biggest libraries in the world. Many libraries have become a tourist attraction and each one is very unique and beautiful inside.

Take St John’s library for example,it was incorporated in 1883 and was literally the very first tax supported public library to open up in the area. The library opened up three distinct branches each of each was equally impressive. Services which offered include internet access,free downloadable audio books, information and reference services in addition to much more. Many libraries with the inclusion of St John’s library offer all sorts of programs for children, which are really educational and which encourage reading.

Regardless of which library you live near, they offer great resources. There is a wealth of information which can be found in libraries which can’t be found anywhere else. Even on the internet there is information lacking, which can be found in real references in books all in libraries. For example many libraries have old government records and newspapers where you can go back to any date and look at it via special microfilm. The experience of searching for information and discovering it the old fashioned way, is a very fun,rewarding and enriching experience.

In terms of going to a library to choose books to borrow, this is one of the best feelings in the world. Every child should be given the opportunity to go to a library and experience the feeling of choosing and taking out books. It really does help to improve a child’s educational growth and development in all the right ways.

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