The Best Trilogies That Exist To Date

When it comes to reading, everything really does come down to personal preference. Not only do some people love reading books, but many prefer to read trilogy series. Many people will tell you that the best trilogies that they have ever read, are the best books of all time. There must be a real point to this, if you consider how many book trilogies have been made into movies. There is also no disputing the fact that many trilogy movies have become extremely popular and have hit box office records.

When people talk about the best trilogies, it is only natural and human to think about The Lord of The Rings’ book set. Fans will tell you that there are no books in the world which will beat this series. The movies were fantastic and everyone loves them. The author J.R.R Tolkien did an amazing job because they have been read all over the world by millions upon millions of people. They are also collectors books which people keep for a lifetime, this is in addition to the fact that people also read them over and over again, they never ever get old.

A modern and popular trilogy book series is The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. If you have not read the books, the chances are that you have seen the movies – either way, the book series is fantastic. There is information and scenes in these books which they don’t cover in the movies.

Another extremely popular trilogy series has got to be none other than The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo written by Stieg Larsson. These books have become increasingly popular and are a collector’s item. Reading book series really is a treat and all these trilogies can become extremely addictive. Reading a set of books as opposed to a stand alone one, can be even more addictive and intriguing in many ways.

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