The Best Vampire Books Of All Time

Even though times have changed and the classic vampire books, have been replaced by all sorts of re-makes and television shows, the truth is that there is nothing that can ever compensate for the real vampire books that were written. There is something real, raw and wonderful about sitting down and reading an excellent vampire book cover to cover. There are many amazing vampire books but one of the best vampire books of all time has got to be the one and only Dracula written by Bram Stoker, this is an absolute classic.

One of the best vampire books that really stands out even to day, is the old classic Interview With The Vampire written by the one and only Anne Rice. It was made into a major movie, but the book is filled with more details and descriptive moments, and it is something you can read over and over again without getting sick of it. Even though this may be newer, there is no disputing the fact that the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is a very powerful and popular vampire book series. Most people may know the movies, but the books are even more descriptive and addictive guaranteed.

Hollywood may have completely glamorized vampires, in the popular and very much loved series The Vampire Diaries, but the books written by L. J. Smith, are very much worth reading. Regardless of if you read the books first or watch the series first, the books will always be a guilty pleasure as they are full of details, that are not always shown in the series. In all honesty, I am sure everyone can agree that there really is nothing better than taking the time to read the best vampire books ever written. They are such classics that you can literally read them over again and enjoy every single second.

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