The Scariest Books Of All Time

Many people love horror stories, and they can tell you first hand that the scariest books are way more scary than some horror movies. Scary books help to relieve boredom, to provide an adrenaline rush and does a great job in helping you to explore the unknown. When it comes to the scariest books ever written, there really are some classics that modern day literature can’t even begin to replicate.

Avid horror readers will tell you that one of the scariest books ever written in human history has got to be none other than the well known Dracula which was written by Bram Stoker. People have been getting nightmares for years on end from reading this book, but despite the horrors of it, it still stands the testament of time, being a classic.

When speaking about scary books who would not immediately think about Stephen King, the master of horrors. He has written so many horror books it may be hard to choose the best ones. Although it may come down to personal preference, IT, The Shining and Misery were scary. Another really scary book that genuinely did an excellent job of scaring people half to death has got to be none other than The Silence Of The Lambs written by Thomas Harris.

In terms of ghost stories, one of the most popular novels even to day has got to be The Haunting Of Hill House, written in 1959 by Shirley Jackson, it really is scary and extremely creepy. Another really scary book which is worth mentioning is Horns written by Joe Hill who is actually Stephen King’s oldest son. Although it may not be very scary it certainly is very strange, unusual and creepy. Miss Pergrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is a must read for people who love reading books which are creepy, dark and very strange.

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